Termite Control San Diego

As you may or may not know, some California cities including San Diego remain one of the top termite hot spots in the country – that is quite a compelling reason to remain vigilant against signs of termite activity that may be present in your property. As they say, it is better to have some knowledge on termite intrusion preventative measures than waking up one morning realizing that the damage caused by these unwanted ‘visitors’ is beyond repair.

We at San Diego Pests & Termites are always ready to help you address Termite Control in San Diego. We have been helping homeowners in the area for years, providing a comprehensive termite control in San Diego program that is considered by many as one of the most effective in the industry. Rest assured that we will be there just when you need our service, and can count on for giving preventative measures to performing termite extermination. Should you need our service, we are just one call away – contact us at: (858) 521-8876

Some signs that your home might be infested

  • When you see discarded insect wings inside your house, particularly near doors or window sills
  • Sightings of termite droppings
  • Pencil-sized mud tubes as well as dark spots or blister-like protuberance that appear on wood
  • Walls and floors that sound hollow when tapped or knocked

Types of termites you should be familiar with

  • Subterranean – This type builds its colonies below ground as they need contact with soil to keep their moisture levels; this is the most common type that can be found in the US
  • Drywood – As the name implies, this type colonizes in wood above ground; they do not need contact with soil to survive
  • Dampwood – Lurks and thrives behind damp and decaying woods – this type of termite needs contact with water as well as a high humidity level to survive.

Our comprehensive termite control in San Diego program can address different types of termites, including the above-mentioned types.

Common termite entry points

  • Through cracks in foundation around plumbing and similar areas
  • Inside hollow block walls
  • Through the expansion joint – they come up from under the slab and enter through the door wood framing

To learn more about our termite control San Diego program, contact us at (858) 521-8876 or send us a request today for your termite control inspection schedule.