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San Diego Rodent Trapping photoSome rodents may look cute but there is nothing cute about the many ways that they can damage and destroy your home. If you’ve noticed signs that there may be mice or rats in your house do not hesitate to contact a rodent trapping expert immediately. When dealt with promptly a rodent infestation can be controlled and dealt with easily. However, when left unattended rodents can overrun your home and become very tricky to deal with.

Why you should hire a rodent trapping professional to deal with your mice or rat problem:

Mice and rats are not dumb creatures and they are skilled at navigating the nooks of your house and finding places to hide. Once they have decided to make your property their nesting ground they begin a destructive cycle of reproducing and overrunning your space.

Rodents also pose certain health risks. Their urine and fece can carry disease and cause health problems for your family.

Non domestic rodents and rats potentially carry a virus known as the hantavirus in their waste and saliva. This can make individuals with weak immunities very sick. For this reason all wild rodent interactions should be left up to professionals.

Unfortunately, the smell of rodent also attends to attract more rodents. So, once you have a few in your home you more will likely follow creating a cycle of ongoing rodent related issues.

Who can remove rodents from my San Diego home?
If you have identified that there are rodents in your house you should contact a rodent removal expert immediately. San Diego Pest & Termite have years of experience with rodent trapping and removal and can carefully extract and eliminate all of the rodents in your home. If you are concerned about having the rodents extracted using humane processes the experts at San Diego Pest & Termite can accommodate you. They provide a selection of rodent trapping options to suite the preferences of the client and to make sure that you are comfortable with the way that the situation is being handled.

Once San Diego pests solutions has successfully rid your property of rodents they will also handle the clean up process removing the nests, urine, and fece from your space. By providing this service we can help to assure that the removal process was successful and that your home will not be infested again any time soon.

Another way that we assure that the results are permanent is by examining the vulnerable spaces around your property and looking for explanations on how the rodents originally got in. Then, once we have identified the route we will make appropriate recommendations for home repairs and solutions to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

The individuals at San Diego Pest & Termite are knowledgable about rodent behaviour and how to properly remove rodents from a residential home or commercial building. They will address all of your concerns regarding the removal process to guarantee that you feel confident with the results.

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