Rodent Control

San Diego Pest & Termite offers full inspections and removal plans for rat, mice, and gopher control. It is unsettling to suspect that your home is infested with rodents. Our objective is to locate where the rodents are living or entering your home, and control the situation as quickly as possible to ensure your peace of mind. We will handle your rodent problem safely and effectively. Whether you have seen a rodent in your home, or hear them in the walls, we will find them!

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice can be found nesting in basements, gardens, walls, and areas near food and rubbish. Due to their unsanitary living environments, rats and mice can spread diseases and germs through their fur, urine or droppings. Damage can also be caused when they gnaw on electrical wires, pipes, and structural materials. The sooner you call San Diego Pest & Termite, the less damage these rodents will cause!


Gophers can cause large amounts of damage in a very short amount of time due to their feeding and burrowing tendencies. In an effort to find food, gophers will uproot vegetation, damage tree roots, and ruin your lawn. When gophers become a pest control problem on your property, they can be both difficult to remove, and to discourage from returning. The experts at San Diego Pest & Termite are trained in removal and deterrence techniques, and can help you control populations and take steps necessary so that they won’t come back.

Rodent Extermination

Rats, mice, and gophers are very adaptable. If their food source is not cut off, they can permanantly inhabit areas in and around your home. Our rodent control specialists will inspect your property to determine where rodents are hiding and coming from. We’ll bait the rodents, trap them and dispose of them properly.

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