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Gophers are well known for being tunnelling creatures that can destroy lawns and gardens. Because gophers primarily eat roots they have to burrow and dig underground to get to their desired food source. Unfortunately, their need to eat and survive often interferes with your desire to have a flat, hole-free landscape.

Getting rid of gophers on your San Diego property is a task best left up to a professional. At San Diego Pest & Termite, they use the most modern gopher removal processes to assure that your gopher problem is properly taken care of.

Different processes used to remove gophers

When it comes to removing gophers some people prefer to go the humane root. This is why San Diego Pest & Termite provides a variety of gopher removal options for our clients so that they can make an informed choice about how to resolve their gopher issue.

Baiting is done using a variety of food baits that are placed into the gopher hole. This is process is completed a few times throughout a couple of weeks to make sure that all of the gophers are baited. The San Diego Pest & Termite experts are knowledgable about gopher behaviour and know the best ways to make this process effective.

For individuals who are concerned with the humane removal of gophers from their San Diego property may prefer the trapping method. This is a process of capturing the gophers and moving them off of the property. Although, this can be a highly effective and environmentally friendly way to remove gophers, you may need to subscribe to monthly trapping services in order to keep the population down. The San Diego Pest & Termite pros are experienced at gopher trapping and will be able to effectively capture the gophers who are destroying your landscape. It is not advised that homeowners attempt to trap gophers on their own.

In extreme gopher infestation cases, abatement is a plausible solution to resolve the infestation problem. The pest control professionals at San Diego Pest & Termite know how to effectively abate and destroy a gopher population in order to help you reclaim your property.

If you have noticed a gopher problem on your property then do not hesitate to contact the professionals at San Diego Pest & Termite. They will provide you with an informed consultation so that you can decide how to deal with your gopher issue in a way that makes you feel most comfortable.

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