The Importance of Rodent Control Escondido CA

A rodent or two you spot inside your home might not be that a big problem. But it is a different story if it is way more than that. Thus, it is so important that you have a rodent control Escondido CA program put in place before the issue gets worse – when they become more difficult to control.

Why it is so important to address rodent infestation early on? Here are some of the most compelling reasons why:

Health reason. Rodents are disease-carriers. If somebody has mentioned to you about hantavirus or LCM, what you have heard are diseases associated with rodents and their varieties. In one of the recent estimates, rodents invade about 21 million homes in the United States every winter. So what are the possible health implications? Rodents dropping can trigger allergies and can transmit food borne diseases such as salmonella, which might put your family’s health at risk.

Prevent catastrophic damage. Many times, rodents do not discriminate when it comes to what they gnaw – from food to clothing, to upholstery, and yes, electrical wiring. Be mindful of the damage particularly with the last item. Electrical wiring damaged by rodents can cause electrocution and electrical short circuit that can also be a cause of fire.

Prevent property damage. Again, rodents don’t discriminate; they can damage even the very foundation of your home most especially if it is made from wooden materials. Wooden walls, cabinets, and even the roof eaves can be damaged by rodents in numbers. As a result, it will weaken the integrity of your home’s foundation and can affect its real estate value. Rodent control Escondido CA can greatly help to prevent such a scenario from happening.

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