Rodent Control San Diego

While you are reading this, chances are that rats are lurking in your home – behind the wall, below the sink, inside the cabinet, or inside a hole underneath the floor. That is, of course, if you have not implemented an effective system for rodent control.

There is one name that is trusted by many homeowners when it comes to rodent control, San Diego – San Diego Pest and Termites. Our company has been helping clients get rid of rats and other pests through an effective and environment-friendly process. And with years of experience in the industry, one can rest assured that our process has been proven and tested through time.

Why it is important to implement an effective rodent control

Rodents are a health hazard. Rodents are virus carriers, particularly the Hantavirus, which is a life-threatening infection spread to human by deer mice. They can also spread leptospirosis, which can also be fatal to those get infected.

They can damage your property. If you do not control or prevent rodent from infesting your property, before you know it, your property is already damaged. They can damage upholstery, mattress, among other items inside your home. Even the very foundation of your home can be damaged as well.

Can lead to property devaluation. If your property has been damaged by pests (e.g. rodents, termites), how can it affect to its real estate value? Of course, the assessor will look into it, and if you do not do the necessary repair, expect that your property gets an unfavorable valuation.

When to call a professional for rodent control in San Diego

Rodent control can be a challenging task to accomplish that it merits that service of an expert. Therefore, ask help from a professional; the one that has been proven to deliver top-notch quality result.

Here are some signs that you need the help of a professional rodent control, San Diego:

  • You see droppings, feces and you smell something bad that is clearly a remnant from rodents
  • You notice holes on the wall, under the kitchen sink, and/or other parts of your home
  • Noise from rodents that disturb your sleep at night

Sometimes, we tend to procrastinate in many things that we should do. But you should not most especially when it comes to rodent control. Remember, once the damage is already big, it can lead you to the point of no return. In other words, take control of rodent to prevent the problem from getting worse.

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